Japan Post Shipping updates - EMS and resumes in Australia and China
July 29th, 2022
Starting today (July 29th), Japan Post resumes their EMS service and Airmail service shipping to
Australia, China,
and some other countries.
We have updated our shipping method selection to reflect this change, and we hope Japan Post will resume its service to other countries soon!
Please read more details here
Summer Sale in Japan is happening now!
July 28th, 2022
In Japan, July is the time when the heat and humidity seriously start increasing. But it’s not all bad as it’s also the time when many shops hold their annual summer sales (サマーセール). While the sales mainly occur during July, some extend to August and present a great opportunity to find special deals.
We have a short list of stores currently having summer sales
ABC Mart: One of Japan's most famous footwear companies.
GU: Uniqlo's sister company. They sell stylish yet affordable clothes.
Mitsukoshi Isetan: One of Japan’s leading department stores, where you can find various items on sale.
Magaseek: Online fashion store that sells products from many famous brands. Such as, Samantha Thavasa, Wego, Earth, Snidel, Axes Femme, Adidas, Asics, and many more!
Punyus: Online fashion store that sells many trendy products.
The Square Enix Store: The official shop for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, soundtracks, merchandise, and video games.
Please note that the summer sales for many of these stores will end by July 31st, Japan standard time, or in the following few days. So it's best to make use of the deal now!
Collect Blackship Packing card!
July 14th, 2022
For every package you ship from today onwards (July 14th), you will get a limited collectible Blackship card which will be stamped and signed by the packing staff who was in charge of preparing your package for shipment.
There are three different models on the back of the card, and you will get a random card inside each of your package.
Our team is well-trained and committed to delivering your package with the same quality. However, if you ship using Blackship all this time, you might notice some distinct differences in the packing style of other staff. By knowing our staff's name and who prepare your specific package, we hope you can get to know our team better.^^
If you are happy with your package, feel free to share your haul and mention us on Twitter or Instagram ! Or, please let us know your review about us in TrustPilot.
If you have any questions, please check our help article or email us anytime at
Japan Post Shipping updates - EMS resumes in some of these European countries
July 1st, 2022
Starting from July 1st, Japan Post released new information about the resume of their EMS service and also Airmail service to some of the European Countries as:
  • UK (EMS only)
  • the Netherlands
  • Italy
  • New Caledonia
  • the Vatican
  • Malta
  • Israel
  • Greece
  • France (Since June 10th - EMS only)
We have updated our shipping method selection to reflect this change, and we hope Japan Post will resume its service to other European countries soon!
Please read more details here.
About discarding some of the items in your package and KPOP Albums Processing
June 17th, 2022
I'm sure everyone has heard of the biggest and most popular KPOP boyband in the world, BTS! They released their newest album, which was released last Monday, June 13th, 2022.
And on the day of the release date, we received
almost 500 packages
ordered from many BTS fans around the world... And soon, these big boxes were filling our warehouse!
The album comes with the pre-order benefit, the limited photo card you can only order from the BTS Japan Official shop.
And since the album itself is bulky and heavy, it makes sense that some people would want to ship only the limited photo card and all the inclusions inside the album and dispose of the big albums! (Cause imagine shipping all these bulky albums internationally, the shipping fee would hurt your wallet.)
About discarding some of the items in your package to save on shipping fee
Q: Can Blackship help discard some items and ship only the item I want?
A: Yes, we can. If it's a simple removal process, and if the items discarded are not big or bulky (we are required to pay for big items disposal fee here in Japan), we can do it for free.
Q: Or can Blackship help split my items so I can ship the important items using air freight, and other bulky and heavy items via seamail?
A: Yes, we can. You can make a split request for that.
For KPOP processing:
Q: Can Blackship help me open the albums, extract the needed items and then dispose of unneeded items?
A: Yes, we can, with an additional fee*
*This fee is decided based on the number of albums (items) we need to open, and to cover labor and materials costs needed for our team to complete the process and the disposal fee. While there's no decided rate yet, please consult with us at in case you might need this service.
Please check this article for more information about this service.
Japan Post Price increase from June 1st, 2022
May 24th, 2022
Starting from June 1st, Japan Post will increase its shipping fee due to the increasing transportation costs worldwide. Please check the link below for more details:
Generally, there is an overall price increase for EMS, Parcel Post Airmail, and parcel Post seamail, so we advise you to ship your packages before the end of May to avoid the rising shipping fees in June.
To see what shipping methods are available in your area, you can always use our Shipping Status page
Cash On Delivery (COD) Calculator
May 20th, 2022
Due to the popularity of our Cash on Delivery (COD) service, we enabled the COD calculator which you can use to know beforehand how much you'd be charged for the item's cost + our COD fee before shipping anything to our warehouse.
To do so, simply tab the COD Calculator menu, and put the package amount in JPY.
Please check our COD terms here.
NEW: Add tax number in the address column
April 15th, 2022
We got this feedback from many of our customers, especially from those of you who are based in Europe about adding a column in the address number to add tax number, or EORI number to make the importing easier.
We heard you, and today, all addresses will have a column to put the tax number!
You can go to your address book to include your tax number. We are sure that this will be useful, and please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other feedback :)
FedEx and DHL's peak Surcharge from April 10th, 2022
April 7, 2022
Both FedEx and DHL announced a new peak surcharge on their freight shipment and added a temporary Emergency Situation Surcharges effective from April 10th, 2022.
More information about the increase and detail:
It's a good chance to ship all packages in your mailbox now during this week to avoid the increasing shipping fee starting next week.
Reverse the order of the shipped package page (Mobile View)
Apr 4, 2022
We got feedback from some customers about how our shipping information page looks like on mobile.
It appears that the tracking number information, which was located below the customs section makes it harder for some customers to have to scroll down all through the customs items list to get that information.
Now we have moved the customs section to the bottom on mobile so you can find the information you need easily without having to scroll! This is a minor change but hopes that you will find it helpful.
Please wait for us while we are working on to work on something bigger ;)
We take customer feedback seriously, so don't hesitate to let us know if you have more feedback!
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